Bold Intuitive Open- Hearted


Meet Anna Stid.  Sounds like Ahhhh + na . Stid rhymes with kid.  

For as long as I can remember I have been following the beat of my own drum.  And at times, following one’s calling can feel a lot like a salmon swimming upstream against the current of society.  Perhaps you have felt the same from time to time, and in that we are not alone.

 Magical indigo child at heart and starseed in soul,  I would like to think of myself as a 21st century Alchemist.  A Galactic Jedi Initiate, or Cause Agent catalyst.  I love to watch as the  magic to  transforms burdens into un-buried golden treasures.  What’s most amazing is empowering oneself to simply unmask what is already lying at the core!

It is rather a vulnerable place to be stripped naked down to our raw authentic nature, and it is here you can finally create a sustainable foundation that is rooted.  A platform and playground for your Soul to to sprout, and soar.  It is your birthright, your journey to live in out your purpose and fulfill on the promise  you came to deliver, and as promised you live a life that way far exceeds your biggest dreams!  Heaven on Earth!…. And  you are not meant to do it alone!

You are meant to be fully supported, celebrated, and ignited!   Women Leaders of Cause create: depth, richness, aliveness,  magic synchronicity, and beauty to your journey in following the Call.  As Cause Agents of Alchemic Transformation, you  can stand naked in vulnerability and feel bold, beautiful, talented, hot, & enlightened.  Knowing that as your Light Shines, you unconsciously gives others permission to do the same!

From TUT, “With great responsibility, Love, comes great power. The more you accept of the first – for your happiness, unhappiness, and all else – the more you are given of the latter. ”  Sounds like a deal,  The Universe


One thought on “About

  1. Delicious.
    recognizing “striving” as a fruitless pursuit of the mirage, echo, mirror image of ego fixation out there far from core, from soul, waiting patiently within for us to remember, with its quiet but clear voice, “you were here all along.” As Michelangelo, we merely chip away all the extra bits of marble to reveal the perfection hiding underneath, and real freedom, peace, harmony, love are there.

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