Anna’s Alchemy

This Page is Dedicated to Delicious Decadence, Dance, Fun, & Celebration!

Love from my Heart to yours

————————————————————————————————————————–Sweet Divine Raw Almond Milk   ~ An Aphrodisiac for the Soul!

Sweet Divine Raw Almond Milk ♥

(personally I like doubling the recipe/ then halving it to blend)

1 Cup Raw Organic Almonds rinse off

then soak for at least 20 mins (overnight best), then rinse again before blending

2.5 C Filtered Water

Blend first————-   blend raw soaked almonds

Now Stain through the Nut Milk Bag… Massage with Love and Love the Mess!

Set Aside


Next put into Blender

4-6 raw medjool dates soaked and de-pitted

1 T. + Vanilla to taste  or 1 scooped out Vanilla Bean for the Gourmet Raw Foodie 😉

a pinch of sea salt (pink is yum)

A prayer + Love

Add Almond Milk…… Blend again for 10 secs

 …Blend while humming your favorite song… then do the happy dance!

Pour Almond Milk Goodness into favorite Glass Jar, cap, and refrigerate

Note… tastes best after a few hours or overnight…thickens 🙂

drink up within 2-3 days!

**Save Almond grounds for Raw food cake desserts or Raw Thumb Press Cookie Base! **

for Cacao Almond Milk

add 2-4 T Raw Cacao

and an additional 2-4 T of Raw Agave or just more soaked dates (2-3)

and more Happy Dance!!!

* Great in Tea Lattes, Smoothie base, or just on its own!


Love Love Love,

Ahna’s Alchemy…


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